What Our Customers Say?

I contacted Levon recently for a case and he did an excellent job.

He was very knowledgeable and personable which made contacting him easy. Very professional and effective! I would definitely use Levon again in the future.
– Jack A.
I had a problem with a crazy neighbor in my condo.

After my wife and I bought our place we found out that this neighbor was stalking and harassing most of the complex, but no one had been able to do anything thru the courts to restrain her. Thru a friend, I took the recommendation of hiring Levon and within 3 months I was able to follow his instructions and managed to obtain a restraining order to protect my family. Levon was always available to my wife and I and prepared tirelessly. He truly listened and we worked together to shape our arguments for the courts and walked out victorious. If you want an attorney who cares about you as people and doesn’t want to charge an arm and a leg, he is your man. I don’t have any love for attorneys, or the profession in general, but I would say Levon is a guy you can really lean on.
– Mike M.
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